1.3.2 Alternative university entrance qualification

Remark: If your high school certificate is recognised in Germany, you do not need this section and can go on to the next one.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the following special university entrance options are available to people who do not have a school-based university entrance qualification but a special professional qualification.

Aptitude Test: TestAS[]


Is it possibe to study at TH Lübeck if I lost my academic documents?

The TestAS is a standardised exam which allows universities to compare the scholastic aptitude of their prospective students. TH Lübeck recognises the test results as an alternative for those applicants who have lost their secondary school leaving certificates.

The test comprises of three parts:

  1. the “onScreen” language test,
  2. the Core Test and
  3. four subject-specific test modules, including:
    1. Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Studies
    2. Engineering
    3. Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences
    4. Economics

With a maximum score of 130 points, whereby a score of 95 points and above is equivalent to the German Abitur level.

Holding a Master craftsman's examination[]


I have a Master craftsman's examination certificate. Is it possible to study at TH Lübeck with this qualification?

A master craftsman's examination or similar advanced training (such as state-certified technician, business economist, certified specialist) entitles the holder to study in all Bachelor's degree courses in accordance with § 39 of the Higher Education Act, provided that the courses comprise at least 400 teaching hours.

If the higher education entrance qualification does not show an average grade that is determined by a decimal point, a special certificate of the average grade of the institution at which the degree was obtained must be provided. Those who do not provide evidence of an average grade will be placed after the last application with an ascertainable average grade.

The application does not require any special form and is submitted online via university website within the regular application deadlines.

University Internal Aptitude Test[]

This test applies to persons without a school-based higher education entrance qualification but particularly high qualifications in vocational training, in employment or in further education. The university aptitude test is an individual oral examination. It is a one hour test that consists of a general and subject-specific specialist sections. The general section is based on social, economic or cultural topics, including skills and knowledge in mathematics, in a natural science and in a foreign language. The subject-specific examination section focuses on the essential requirements of the intended course of study.

Admission requirements for the university aptitude test are:

  • Completion of at least two years of vocational training in a field related to the intended course of study, which is recognised under federal or state law, and
  • Proof of at least half of the regular working hours of a three-year working experience in a field related to the course of study, which must be proven by a certificate of employment.
  • A qualified study consultation certificate by the responsible department.
  • The examination is subject to a fee (141 €).

If you have any questions, please call (0451) 300-5012 or send an e-mail.