2.4 Cost of living and scholarships

Studying abroad is of course also a financial question: how much does it cost? How can I cover the expenses?

Proof of sufficient funds[]

You need a proof of sufficient funds in order to get a visa. Therefore, it is not only a personal question how to cover your stay in Lübeck, but also a necessary requirement.

Proof of sufficient funds can be provided by:

  • proof of sufficient income and/ or asset situation of the parents or
  • a formal declaration to the Aliens’ Authority or diplomatic mission stating that the living expenses will be covered for the foreign student or
  • payment of a security deposit to a blocked account in Germany or
  • deposit of a bank guarantee from a financial institution in the federal territory, which must be renewed each year, or
  • scholarships from German public funds or scholarships from a sponsorship organization accredited in Germany or scholarships from public funds of the country of origin if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst DAAD or another German organization funding the scholarship has made the referral to the German university.

Please beware that not all options for providing proof of sufficient funds will be accepted in all cases. Often, the authorities insist on opening a blocked account and on the payment of the corresponding security deposit.


On the following pages we will go into more detail about the costs and potential scholarships.