1.3.1 Academic bridging course: Studienkolleg


Can I study at TH Lübeck if my High School certificate is not recognised in Germany?

Remark: If your high school certificate is recognised in Germany, you do not need this section and can go on to the next one.

TH Lübeck accepts Studienkolleg Certificate (FSP) as a valid university entry qualification. Studienkolleg offers academic bridging courses to prepare university applicants for doing a degree programme at a German university.


If you have earned a school leaving certificate which entitles you to go to university in your home country, which is, however, not recognised as a higher education entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, HZB) in Germany, you must attend a Studienkolleg before you start your studies.

This is required when the school system, the teaching contents, or the duration of school attendance differs from those in Germany, so preparatory studies at a Studienkolleg are mandatory in order to be able to study successfully. Even though the mode of instruction, comparable requirements, and common goals held at the Studienkollegs are identical, teaching contents and application procedures may differ from Studienkolleg to Studienkolleg, or in the individual federal states.

Specialised Courses offered by Studienkollegs[]

Studienkollegs offer the following specialised courses as preparation for studying at a university:

  • M-course: for medical, biological and pharmaceutical degrees
  • T-course: for mathematical, science or technical degrees
  • W-course: for business, economics and social science degrees
  • G-course: for humanity degrees or German studies
  • S-course: for language degrees

Studienkollegs offer the following specialised courses as preparation for studyin at a university of applied sciences:

  • TI-course: for technical and engineering degrees
  • WW-course: for economics and business degrees
  • GD-course: for design and art degrees
  • SW-course: for social science degrees

Steps to Study at TH Lübeck via Studienkolleg[]

  1. Contact the Studienkolleg of your choice concerning the documents needed for your application. Each Studienkolleg has different admission requirements and deadlines, so it is important to contact each Studienkolleg relevant for you, or to check their websites.
  2. The application for some of the Studienkollegs needs to be submitted via uni-assist, others will accept direct applications. Check which way is the right one for the Studienkolleg of your choice.
  3. Prepare for and take the entrance exam. The individual Studienkollegs have different entrance exams, so it is important to look for information and mock exams on the Studienkollegs’ websites. Some will have a mathematics exam and a German exam, while others will only have a German exam. Pass the final examination and obtain the FSP certificate.
  4. Apply at TH Lübeck.