1.3 Requirements for studying at THL

The application requirements depend on the level, on which you want to start here. On this page we summarize what you need to start a bachelor programme in first or higher semester as well as a master programme at TH Lübeck.

Application Requirements for Bachelor Programmes[]


What are the application requirements for Bachelor programmes?

You will need

  • a Secondary School Leaving Certificate or some kind of alternative (see below), and
  • a German Language Proficiency

For admission to some courses or study programmes, there might be further requirements. E. g. the degree course in Hearing Acoustics, B.Sc., needs additional proof of vocational training in hearing aid acoustics is mandatory. Please check the information of these programmes, too.

Secondary School Leaving Certificate[]

Secondary school leaving certificate is a prerequisite for admission to an undergraduate course of study at the Technische Hochschule Lübeck. The so called Hochschulzugangsberechtigung – or “university entrance qualification” is only admissible if it is equivalent to the German higher education entrance qualifications (e. g. Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur), Fachhochschulreife). An applicant's eligibility for admission is normally determined on the basis of the secondary school leaving certificate (Maturität, Baccalaureate, high school diploma, etc.). For some countries of origin, you are also required to have passed a university entrance exam and/or provide evidence of any time you have already spent at university.

You can read more about the recognition of documents here.

FAQ concerning alternatives[]

If your secondary school certificate is deemed insufficient for study in Germany, you will have to attend a foundation course (“Studienkolleg”) before you are allowed to enrol. We will provide more information on this in this section.

Yes, there is an option via passing an aptitude test (TestAS).

Yes, we also have an option to step into our study programmes with that. You can find more information on this here.

Yes, there is an opportunity within the LINKplus project.

German Language Proficiency[]

At TH Lübeck, knowledge of German is a prerequisite for admission for nearly all degree programmes.


Which German language proficency requirements do I need to study at TH Lübeck?

Accepted German language certificates include:

DSH German language examination for university admission: at least overall level 2

TestDaF level 4 (all parts of the test)

  • Goethe Certificate C2: Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS). Please careful: C1, B2, B1 are not sufficient for admission!
  • Goethe Certificate C2 examination: major German Language Diploma or one of the former minor or major German Language Diploma or the Central Advanced Language Test of the Goethe-Institut (till 2011), or Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom" exam (since 2012)

Assessment exam after attending the Studienkolleg

German Language Diploma (stage II) from the German Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz, KMK)

Telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule Certificate

The necessary language skills must be demonstrated at the time of application.


You don’t need to take these tests if you have earned an “Abitur” from a German-language secondary school.

Application Requirements for Higher Semester[]


I began my studies abroad. Is it possible to continue and complete my studies at TH Lübeck?

A university transfer or a change of study program within the Technische Hochschule Lübeck to a higher semester is only possible if you have completed enough creditable work for the new study program. If this is not the case, you would have to apply for the first semester within the regular application period. Therefore, please apply in advance for a placement certificate from the examination board of the responsible department at Technische Hochschule Lübeck. Please contact the responsible department secretariat directly to find out which documents have to be submitted.


If you have previously studied the same course of study at another university of applied sciences, no certificate of placement is required. In this case, you will automatically be placed in the consecutive semester. For applicants who have acquired their university entrance qualification outside of Germany, a direct application is only possible if 90 ECTS at a German university and sufficient German language skills are proven. Otherwise the application must be made via uni-assist.
If a required course examination is ultimately not passed, further study in the same course of study at the same type of university is not possible according to the applicable regulations.
Therefore, if you have definitively failed a course of study at a university, further study at the Technische Hochschule Lübeck in the same course of study is permitted. However, if you have definitively failed a course of study at a university of applied sciences, you cannot continue your studies in the same course of study at the TH Lübeck.

Application Requirements for Master’s Programs[]


What are the application requirements for Master programmes?

Bachelor’s Degree Certificate and Transcripts[]

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) degree is a pre-requisite for admission to graduate studies at TH Lübeck. Admission requirements vary from program to program. Therefore close attention should be paid to the specific admission information for the Master’s program in question. In general, the overall grade of the Bachelor’s degree for most of these programmes must be equivalent to at least a grade of 2.5 in the German grading system with a minimum of 210 Credit Points. The degree certificate (certificate of graduation, examination certificate) needs to be submitted with the application.


Application is not possible in the absence of the final degree certificates.

Proof of English Proficiency[]

If you are not a native English speaker, an internationally accepted language test certificate such as the TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge Certificate is a prerequisite. A score of at least 80 points (internet based TOEFL) or 550 points (paper based TOEFL) or a comparable result in another international test is required. This requirement is mostly applicable to master’s programmes.


The following exceptions may apply:

  • English was the primary language of instruction for your school education
  • at least six months of working or studying in an English speaking country
  • a minimum of 5 years continuous language lessons in English during school education
  • English was the official language of your previous Bachelor or Master studies

Applicants must support these exceptions with adequate and officially certified documents.