6.4 Student initiatives

Your time in Lübeck should be more than just doing your studies. Maybe you want to join one of the student initiatives?

AStA, STuPa and Student Council[]

The General Student Committee (German: Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, short AStA) is the governing organ and external representative of the students. An executive board of the AStA represents the students' interests: the Student Parliament (StuPa). It is open to all students of the THL and is elected every year. It is made up of representatives of the various departments who are to advocate the specific interests of the associated students of the TH Lübeck.

Seagulls Lübeck[]

Every year the Seagulls team develops and builds a racing car based on the rules of Formula Student. This vehicle is presented at least one international event during summer.


Students at Work is a student business consultancy in Lübeck. Student business consultancies are student associations that made it their goal to offer students a platform where they can gain practical experience in challenging business consulting projects while studying.

TH Choir[]

Everyone who likes singing is invited to drop by and join in TH Choir. There are no admission criteria, such as an audition or something similar.