2.2 Visa and residence permit

International students need a National Visa for study purposes. This type of visa is issued when a longer stay (more than three months) is intended or if gainful employment is to be taken up.

It can only be issued for a validity period from three months to one year or for a longer period in exceptional cases. The validity period depends on the intended purpose and length of stay.

It primarily authorises a stay in Germany. The holders of a national visa, however, can move freely in the sovereign territory of all Schengen States, for a maximum of three months within a period of six months since the date of initial entry into the country. A national visa therefore also includes a Schengen visa at the same time.

It can generally be requested only from the German diplomatic mission in the official district of which the foreign national maintains his/her usual place of residence.

Visa for Non-EU Nationals[]

All non-EU nationals require student visa to study at TH Lübeck. Please apply for your visa in time (at least 8 weeks before your departure) at the German Embassy or Consulate located closest to your last place of residence.

Which documents do you (usually) need?[]

You will need:

In some cases you need:

  • letter of acceptance from your higher education institution
  • If applying for a prospective student visa: a recognised higher education entrance qualification
  • a health certificate