1.3.3 Trial study


What other possibilities are avaiable for me if I don't posses offical academic qualifications?

Remark: If your high school certificate is recognised in Germany, you do not need this section and can go on to the next one.

Persons without a school-leaving certificate but with a qualified vocational training and work experience can apply for a course of study at TH Lübeck. In the courses of study with restricted admission, 1 or 2 trial students can be admitted per semester (depending on the admission capacity of the course of study). There is no space restriction in the free-admission programmes. In both cases, the following requirements must be met:

  • Proof of completed vocational training with at least satisfactory grades and at least three years’ work experience in the learned profession (periods of training notwithstanding)
  • Proof of professional relationship between the training, the work experience carried out and the chosen course of study.
  • Applications are submitted by filling in the relevant application form within the regular application deadlines.
  • A limited admission is not possible if the applicant has already been enrolled for a limited period of time at another university in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Alternatives to the three years’ work experience requirement include:

  • a compulsory service in the armed forces, in the Federal Border Guard, in a civil defence association or in an alternative or equivalent temporary service
  • service in development aid under the Development Aid Act,
  • the voluntary social year (FSJ) in accordance with the law on the promotion of a voluntary social year or the voluntary ecological year
  • the independent management of a family household with at least three persons or with at least one person in need of upbringing or care

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