4.4 Information of the departments

The four departments publish their specific information on the website or in the Lernraum.


It is therefore important that students check regularly the departmental information provided on the website or in the Lernraum.

Teaching schedule[]

The teaching and examination schedule are published before the start of each semester.

  • Download the teaching schedule and note down the teaching hours for each module in the respective semester of your study program.
  • A list of abbreviations is listed as well.
  • Classes are offered weekly or in blocks.
  • Changes to the teaching schedule are only announced in the Lernraum and students are recommended to check each morning if there are last minute changes.

Examination schedule[]

Another step to be taken before the start of each semester is to check the departmental semester calender and mark the registration and examination periods.

  • There are several types of examination.
  • Depending on the type of examination, there are two registration periods.
    • The registration period for projects, study course achievements and portfolio is in the beginning of the semester,
    • the registration period for written examinations later in the semester.
  • This is done only in the QIS Portal.

Students can only take part in the examinations when registered.

Further information in the Lernraum[]

In the Lernraum, the departments also publish the module descriptions for each study program, the contacts in the department (examination board, dean, etc.) and for the laboratories and examination rules. News are sent via the departmental newsletter.

With enrolment at TH Lübeck, students are automatically signed into the departmental Lernraum course site.

Departmental Websites[]