2.4.1 Costs of living


What should I expect to pay for living and studying in Lübeck?

You need to calculate costs for

  • accomodation (dormitory, regular aparments or shared flats)
  • general purchases (grocery, drugstore articles)
  • fees for broadcasting (mandatory!)
  • insurances (at least healt insurance)
  • semester fees


The monthly accommodation rents vary a lot. The following prices are average values from summer 2020. How to find an accommodation is described on the next page.

Dormitory (offered by "Studentenwerk")[]

There are various living options in the dormitory:

  • single apartments start at approx. 300 €,
  • shared flats (shared bathroom and kitchen, not separated by gender) at approx. 212 €.

There is a high demand for rooms in the dormitories. You should not rely on getting a place there! You can find all options and further information provided by the Studentenwerk here.

Common accommodation market[]

Apartments on the free market start at about 450 € "warm", which means the price includes rent, heating and water. A room in a shared flat starts at approx. 350 € warm.


In the student dormitory as well as on the free market you must make a deposit. For the dormitory you have to pay 300 € to the Studentenwerk. On the free market you have to expect to pay more (usually 2 months' rent). When you leave, you will get the deposit back, as long as the rented property is left in a good condition.

General purchases[]

An average weekly purchase (groceries, drugstore articles) for one person amounts to about 50 €. A warm meal at the Mensa will cost you about 2.75 €.

Fees for broadcasting[]

In Germany, there is an obligation to pay a monthly broadcasting fee (Rundfunkbeitrag = licence fee, slang: GEZ) of 17.50 € per apartment to the Beitragsservice. If you live in a shared flat, you can split the licence fee. We provide some more information here.


It is compulsory to be insured by a German health insurance company. This amounts to approximately 110 € per month. We provided further information on this page.

Semester fees[]

TH Lübeck does not charge any tuition fees, but rather a semester fee of currently €270.50.

This includes a ticket for public transport, which is valid throughout Schleswig-Holstein and for the HVV in Hamburg (tariff zone AB).