1.5 Admission

The selection process varies depending on whether you want to apply for a degree programme with unrestricted or restricted admission.

Unrestricted Admission Programs[]

For programmes with unrestricted admission, there is no selection procedure.

In the case the Bachelor's progamme has no admission restrictions, applicants receive the confirmation of admission when they submit their online application. For Master's progammes, applicants receive the confirmation of admission a few days later.

Restricted Admission Programs[]

If more applications have been received for a study programme with restricted admission than there are places available, there will be a selection procedure. However, it is not the numerus clausus (NC, lowest possible average score) that determines who is admitted, but rather the number of available places.

There is a quota for non-EU students and a quota for second-degree students. Remaining enrolments are decided as follows:

  • ca. 80% based on the average grade of the university entrance qualification and
  • ca. 20% by waiting time.

The waiting time will be determined by the number of semesters since you received your university entrance qualification. There is no crediting of waiting periods in order to enhance the average grade!

Applicants with a good average grade and a long waiting period will of course only receive one place, even if they would get places on both lists due to their qualifications. Vocational education and time spent in military service are already taken into account when calculating the waiting time or ranking. However, there is no basis for a proposal with regard to a special case of hardship or compensation of disadvantages.