4.5 Lernraum and course enrolment


Lernraum is the online learning environment for TH Lübeck. Based on the Moodle software, it is the main information and communication medium for students.

Lernraum courses for your modules[]

Access is only available for enrolled students. The key elements of the Lernraum are single course sites. For each module taught at TH Lübeck, there is a course site created in the Lernraum.

Here, students can

  • download material like presentation slides,
  • upload their completed assignments,
  • work together in groups on projects, and
  • ask questions or join discussions.

Lecturers publish deadlines and assignments on the course page and can send messages to all enrolled students.

Lernraum courses for organizational purposes[]

In addition to the course sites for academic modules, there are also course sites created for organizational purposes. In general, there is no enrolment key required to enrol for these course sites.

These organizational course sites could be provided by

  • departments (providing teaching and examination schedule),
  • language center,
  • IT services, and
  • student administration.

How is the Lernraum structured?[]

The course pages are structured in different folders. Each department has a folder that provides further folders for each study programme. These programme-specific folders contain the course pages for the single modules in that particular programme.

How to enroll in a course site?[]

  • To access the course sites, you have to enrol first. You will find an overview of all the courses you are enrolled for on your personal dashboard.
  • The enrolment can be done
    • automatically (for organizational courses, e.g. departmental course sites, “TH Lübeck”, IT Services), or
    • individually by the student.
  • The key to enrol for academic course sites is provided by the teacher during the first lecture or sent to the students by e-mail from the department. To find the course, search the course title in the search field in the Lernraum, enter the enrolment key and get access to the start page of this course.