6.1 IT services

You can use a whole range of IT services of the TH Lübeck. These services are provided by the data center. They also provide IT support, which can help you with central questions or problems.

THL-IT account for students[]

All students automatically gets a THL-IT account with their enrollment. It provides access to the IT services provided by TH Lübeck. You will receive the access data by mail (regular letter).

There are some standards that you can easily keep in mind:

  • Your username is your matriculation number.
  • The pattern of your personal e-mail address is firstname.lastname@stud.th-luebeck.de. This can also be helpful if you want to contact fellow students. The pattern for university employees is usually firstname.lastname@th-luebeck.de.

Which IT services can be used?[]

With the THL-IT account, you can access the QIS portal and the Lernraum. In addition, further services are available:

Email (Exchange account)[]

With your enrollment, you will automatically get a personal e-mail address. It is easy to memorize, as it is composed like firstname.lastname@stud.th-luebeck.de.


You will always receive news and messages from the TH Lübeck to this address. Therefore, check this mailbox regularly!

You should also use this email address to contact professors or other university employees. In this way, they can easily see that your e-mail is a serious request and no SPAM.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Use webmail to retrieve emails directly in your browser. The URL is https://webmail.th-luebeck.de. We recommend you to bookmark it!
  • You can also configure the TH Lübeck mailbox in your regular email program as well as in your smartphone app (via IMAP).


With your THL-IT account, you can also use Wi-Fi at the THL.

All students and employees of the TH Lübeck can use mobile internet via the THL-Wlan network.

Eduroam is another network shared by many universities, allowing you to use Wi-Fi at other universities as well. You should definitely configure it on your devices, as you can also use Wi-Fi at other universities. If you already have an eduroam account (e.g. because you already studied in your home country at a university that also offers eduroam), you can also use these access data.


There are some IT services that you can only use within the THL network, e.g.:

  • Access to your personal home directory,
  • services of the Central University Library,
  • use of the DIN standards and Statista, or
  • Use of dictionaries and Duden.

Network storage (Home directory)[]

You get a personal network storage (home directory) on which you can use 20 GB of storage space. Outside the THL you can use the SSL gateway to access it.


The TH Lübeck provides some applications for free (which are usually not free of charge). You can find a current list of available software in the Lernraum.

PC workstations[]

You can use some PC workstations at the TH Lübeck. There is a 24-hour room in the Central University Library that you can use at any time. Please inform yourself in time, as you may need an access card on weekends. Some departments have additional PC labs that you can use, too.

More information and support[]

There is a central course in the "Lernraum" where you can find all information you need to get access to IT services of TH Lübeck:

  • Instructions and manuals,
  • news on current issues and problems,
  • news on updates or new services,
  • more information on the respective IT services,
  • FAQ sections, and
  • information on how to contact the IT support and more information on specific contact persons.