4.1 Enrolment

Did you get an admission letter for a study place at the TH Lübeck? Then first of all: congratulations! We look forward to having you as our new student.

Now you have to enrol yourself properly.

Enrolment Steps[]

In order to accept the place of study, it is necessary that you submit all needed enrolment documents to the Admissions Office within the deadline specified in the letter of admission. Enrolment can be done in person or by post.

  • Personal enrolment: Please make sure that all documents have to be submitted in original.
  • Enrolment by post: Some documents must be submitted as officially certified copies instead of originals. Which documents have to be submitted in which form can be found in your admission letter or on the university website.

If your documents for enrolment are complete, you will receive your student ID and the access data for your THL IT-account by mail. I cases of incomplete documents, you will be informed by email and be granted a grace period for further submission.

Enrolment Documents[]


What documents are required for enrolment?

You will need the following documents for your enrolment:

  • Your letter of admission,
  • your valid identity card or passport in original or simple copy
  • a passport-size photo (please write your name on the back; is required for the student card; please ensure that the picture quality is good),
  • your certificate of study qualification (e.g. high school diploma or entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences - if necessary, the academic part and certificate of recognition of the practical part) in the original or as an officially certified copy,
  • a proof of payment of the semester fee and registration fee (bank transfer details),
  • a current insurance certificate for enrolment at the university from your statutory health insurance company; for privately insured persons: an exemption from compulsory insurance by a statutory health insurance company of your choice (Notes),

Depending on the study programme you intend to enrol in, you will also need:

Depending on your personal situation, you might need:

  • for foreign educational certificates: additional proof of German language proficiency (e. g. DSH 2, C 2, TestDaF at least level 4) in the original or as an officially certified copy,
  • if applicable, certificate of exmatriculation from the last university attended,
  • if applicable, a certificate of vocational training (only if required for the chosen course of study, such as hearing acoustics or grade improvement for mechanical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering and management in the food industry) in original or an officially certified copy,
  • if applicable, current clearance certificate (only if you have already studied the same course of studies at a university of applied sciences; available from your former university),
  • if you are a minor, the completed general consent of your legal guardian.

Enrolment Cancellation[]


What is important to know if you want to cancel your enrolment?

You can cancel your enrolment up until the day of the welcome ceremony for first semester students or a simmilar information event. The cancellation must be made as a written request. Please submit the properly signed cancellation request form together with your student ID by post or in person to the Admissions Office. You will then receive a confirmation of cancellation.


It is not possible to cancel your enrolment after your first semester has officially started. In this case, you will need to apply for an exmatriculation. You can find more information on how to exmatriculate on Moodle (Lernraum).

The Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein and the AStA of the TH Lübeck decide on a proportional refund of the semester fee. You can apply for reimbursement in writing by submitting the cancellation or exmatriculation certificate together with a copy of the corresponding bank statement to:

  • Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein, P.O. Box 4169 / Westring 385, 24118 Kiel
  • AStA of the TH Lübeck, Mönkhofer Weg 239, 23562 Lübeck

A refund of the registration fee is not possible.