2.5 Accommodation

Students in Lübeck either live in a student hall of residence (dormitory or short: dorm) or a private accommodation. Finding an accommodation is your own responsibility and we recommend to start looking as early as possible.

Student residence halls (Dorms)[]

The Studentenwerk SH runs four residence halls in Lübeck: two on campus and two in the city center. Students have their own room but share common facilities like kitchen and bathroom.

A room in the residence hall is the most affordable accommodation you will find. Rent for the partly furnished rooms vary from 212 € to 407 € per month depending on the size of the room. In addition, a deposit of 300 € is required and rooms will be allocated around 6 weeks before the start of the semester.


Rooms in the dorm are in high demand. You should apply as soon as you receive your notification of admission from Technische Hochschule Lübeck.

Note that the residence halls are gender-mixed, female and male students living togehter on one floor.

In addition to the residence halls run by the Studentenwerk SH, there are a few other residence halls run by private operators.

Private accommodation[]

On the private housing market, you can find everything from furnished single rooms to empty flats.

The most popular accommodation type among students is a shared flat (in German: WG or Wohngemeinschaft). Students live together in a flat with everyone having his or her own room and share the kitchen and bathroom, sometimes even a common living room. Furthermore, you share the costs for utilities and broadcasting fee.


Living together in a flat-share is very personal, therefore, you will be interviewed by the other flatmates. They will be looking for a room mate that has similiar interest and might become a friend, not only a flat mate. Another option might be for you to rent a flat and look for flat mates to share the flat with.

Short-term accomodation[]

If you cannot move-in on your day of arrival, we recommend to book a bed in one of the youth hostels or on short-term accommodation like airbnb or couchsurfing.


Do not travel to Lübeck without having arranged accommodation for at least the first nights!