3.1 City council registration

After you have arrived in Lübeck, you have to get officially registered.


All students staying in Lübeck have to register with the city within 7 days after their arrival, including students from Germany or EU countries. Book an online appointment with the local City Council Office at least 1 month before moving to Lübeck.


  • your passport and
  • a confirmation of your address in Lübeck, signed by the landlord.

Nationals of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland do not need a residence permit, but

  • often you have to provide proof of health insurance and
  • proof of financial resources

in order to register with the residents' registration office.

Where to go?[]

If you book the appointment online, you will usually have the choice between several citizen service offices ("Bürgerservicebüro"). Depending on where you are based in Lübeck, you can choose the office in your neighbourhood. This will probably be either

When you are there, you have to wait until the number is called that you got when you made your appointment online.


If you come from a non-EU country, your visa needs to be converted to a residence permit for study purposes after you arrive in Germany. In order to get the residence permit, you have to apply to the local immigration authorities before your visa expires.

How to do this is described on the next page.