6.5 Gründercube & FabLab


The GründerCube is located at the heart of the campus. It is a central coordination and consulting center for all questions concerning business start-ups.

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and the Institute for Business Development of the University of Lübeck and the TH Lübeck are located here. They offer various events on the topics of business start-ups and management. Students as well as academic staff have the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial thinking and to become qualified for starting their own business.

Services provided by the GründerCube include:

  • Initial consulting for start-up ventures: Coaching and support for start-up teams, especially in the development of business plans.
  • Support by a network of companies and consultants.
  • Consulting and support in applying for funding.
  • Identifying further financing opportunities.

FabLab Lübeck[]

Engineering courses at the TH Lübeck get very hands-on: it is not uncommon that students have to develop their own prototypes. Or maybe you like to create or craft things in your free time and want to share your DIY ideas and projects with other makers. For this, the FabLab (short for Fabrication Laboratory) is exactly what you need.

The FabLab:

  • is a high-tech workshop that can be used by anyone,
  • provides various machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, etc. that you can use (after being instructed) to create your own projects,
  • organizes meet-ups, workshops and events,
  • is a club whose members take care of the running and the community life on a voluntary basis (but anyone can also use the FabLab without being a club member themselves.).